2x scenes, edited, colour graded + sound designed

- 8 hr shoot day, for contrasting 2 min scenes

- full edit, grade and sound design

- files sent to you online, which you can keep (forever!)



1x scene, edited, colour graded + sound designed

- 4 hr shoot, for 2 min scene

- full edit, grade and sound design

- file sent to you online, which you can keep (forever!)



how it works

Now, we understand how important your showreel is to you - we’ve been there, done that. So that’s why we decided to start doing what we do best - film shit, and make it look amazing. We chatted to our actor friends, and realised that there was a lack of high-quality services for showreels, at an affordable price. 

So we’ve put together a showreel package that provides you with stunning footage, that’s beautifully understated, and doesn’t feel like your typical reel scene, more like a clip from a short film. How do we do this? Our team have a passion for cinematography. We live, and breathe filmmaking. You can rest assured, your reel is going to look professional, be a breath of fresh air for agents, director’s and casting directors and most importantly it’s going to showcase your authentic, unique and talented self. 


Let’s get down to business. 


  • First things first, shoot us an email! Include your headshot (if you have one, if not, we can help with this too), a little bit about you, some ideas for what you want your reel to look and feel like, and a few ideas for scenes. 

  • We’ll only require a 50% deposit, to lock in a date. The rest you pay once you’ve received your reel. 

  • Next - location. This is really important, the location needs to be in Sydney/surrounding suburbs, have the right tone and feel to match your scene, and be relatively quiet.

  • Finally, someone to act with! aka, a scene partner. 


Production: 4 hr shoot per scene

  • You show up, looking fabulous (we can organise a hair & make-up artist at an additional cost if you wish), and we’ll bring the crew, and all the equipment. 

  • The director will also act as 1st AD, and make sure the day runs smoothly. The DOP will set up, whilst you have time to rehearse and get comfortable. 

  • We’ll get coverage of your scene, with story, character, location, lighting and the final edited product in mind, again, with a professional look and feel.



  • Once the shoot is complete, you get to go home and have a bath, and we’ll head to the editing suite. 

  • We’ll send you the 1st assembly online - this is your opportunity to see how it’s looking, and provide feedback. 

  • We polish up the final cut, export and send the file to you, which you can download, and keep (forever!)


If you have any questions about the process, or wish to book a shoot date, get in touch.

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